LFI Action: Proud of the French International School of Hong Kong

Update May 6th 2019: Our objective remains to inform parents so that they can make an informed choice. The current situation and our analysis of the documents force us to stress the following points:

Synthesis – 5 May 2019

Risks of Moving to Partnership:

  • Loss of competent and experienced teachers. Homologation will depend on our educational practices and is not guaranteed.
  • Significant financial risks related to transition costs, loss of AEFE contractual support and uncertainties related to the costs of excellence advocated.
  • Middle-term diplomatic risks with the FIS acting as a private entity in its negotiations and risks for FIS strong-reputation.

Unproven Benefits:

  • Competencies of the headmaster to lead French and International sections, in compliance with the rules of homologation (FF) and accreditation (FI), recruited by the board of directors with no qualifications in the matter.
  • Equivalent cost for FIS during transition and lack of impact analysis of level of tuition fees beyond 2020.
  • Increased flexibility of the pedagogical project: consultation of the parents will be bounded by the rules of the homologation in the complex context of the FIS HK (4 sites, 2 channels, several sections in FF).
  • The homogenization of contracts proposed to resolve tensions within the teaching profession will not solve the problems of human relationship that exist in any company. (see letter of the 75 teachers).

Board Methods’ open to criticism:

  • Initial intention of the board of directors to force a unilateral decision in February. It was only under the pressure of the petition led by parents that the board of directors decided to submit this decision to the vote of parents during General Meeting on May 23rd.
  • Legality and legitimacy of the electronic consultation of May 13-15 which bypasses the debate at the General Meeting on May 23rd.
  • Refusal to debate in forum and opacity on the costs related to the pro-partnership campaign.

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Who we are: We are a group of volunteer parents who initiated the March 19th petition. This petition gathered more than 600 signatures within 48 hours and led the Board of the French International School (FIS) not to vote directly the FIS’s change of status with the AEFE.

Our goal: On May 23rd, FIS’s parents will have to chose during a General Assembly between a new convention agreement with the AEFE or to move to a partnership framework.

This is a critical decision: the change to partnership is an irreversible and cumbersome process. Before voting, it is necessary to fully apprehend the school’s operations and the educational implications for existing and future families.

For theses reasons, we are promoting a clear and opposing debate in order to refute any biases and gather the necessary information for everyone to make an informed choice.

Get informed! Check the Timeline page for the events history and News for the most recent developments.

Library: The documents available on this site are also publicly available on LFI Action Public Docs. Most documents are currently in French. We will make the best efforts to translate them.

What else? This site will evolve until the voting day. For any questions or suggestions, email us at: lfi.action.info@gmail.com.

LFI Action: Proud of the French International School of Hong Kong