Voting on May 23rd

The agenda has not been communicated by the board yet.

  • Quorum is 100 members (Art 44 Articles of Association)
  • The General Meeting must be conducted in English (Bye-Laws General Meetings)
  • Normal voting procedure is by hand (NCO Cap 622 Subdivision 8 &588 and Art 48 Articles of Association)
  • A poll may be requested
    • by the chairman/chairwoman of the meeting
    • 2 members in person or by proxy
    • by 5% of the members representing 5% of the voting rights and entitled to vote at the General Meeting (Art 50&2 Articles of associations)
  • Any person entitled to vote at the General Meeting has the right to speak during the meeting
  • Members can request resolutions to be submitted to vote during the AGM :
    • if Members representing at least 2.5% of the voting rights or 50 members request it (NCO Cap 622 Subdivision 10&615-2)
    • The notice can be delivered physically or electronically and must clearly state the resolution, identify the members and must be send at least 6 weeks before the AGM or before the official notice if this one is circulated later (NCO Cap 622 Subdivision 10&615-3)
  • Proxies: Proxies rules are inconsistent between Bye-Laws (max 5) and Article of Association (no limit). Articles of Association should prevail. Proxy notices must be nominative and clearly state the beneficiary. (Bye Laws General Meetings)